LYSANN – Soft Depri Pop For Artists

Exhibition view Entrepreneurship oder die Verheisung des brotlosen Glücks, Kunst Raum Riehen, curated by Fabio Luks, 2022, Photo: Gina Folly
Performance with Simon Sauerkraut, Photo: Linus Weber, 2022 


Multimedia Installation & Performance
Beamer, Display, Wall Object, Beanbags, Table, artificial plants, Pedestal
Dimensions variabel


LYSANN sings about being an artist with all its (ups &) downs - Soft Depri-Pop for Artists - music heals all wounds. LYSANN is a project in which the boundaries of pop culture and art are mixed. POP is declared art and a means to an end - beeing heard. LYSANN writes lyrics from the perspective of an artist. LYSANN is (not) a fictional character. LYSANN is the product of collaboration with people from my close creative environment.
The music videos «Survival of an Artist» and «Lay Down» can be seen in the room-sized installation. The installation also serves as backstage for a performance by LYSANN with all the songs...because «Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel» (Madonna).

The videos shown in the installation are LYSANN music videos:
Music video, 3‘07’’, 2019  
In cooperation with: Meta Hammel, Simon Sauerkraut, Linus Weber, Alain Meyer
Lay Down is a one-shot recording, a performance for the camera, which was shown live and filmed at the festival INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART GISWIL 2019.  

Survival of an artist
Music video, 4‘17’’, loop, 2018
In cooperation with: Linus Weber und Simon Sauerkraut, Alain Meyer, Beat: Thaibeats
The video is about how hard life as an artist can be, serious and ironic. It is the first song for the character LYSANN. In the video, the performer stages herself close to kitschy love songs of the 00s.