Lysann König

DM // Fast Fashion

Exhibition view ‚Mind the gap‘, group show, DOCK Archiv- & Kunstraum, Basel, 2020, photos: Linus Weber


Video-audio installation, 8.21 min., loop
Dimensions variable

This installation combines two videos and sound, which are all in a way like collages. The center of the work is the sound. It is a 8.21 minute piece cut together out of cover versions from the song ‚stripped‘ by Depeche Mode. 28 cover-versions of this song are mixed and cut after each other to a new piece. One of the videos (huge screen) is cutted to the sound, every sound line has it‘s own footage (found footage and filmed by me). When the sound is mixed together f.e. by five coverversions, you see five different images come together.
In the other video you see a poem made out of the titles of different songs, which have an emotional connection to me.