Exhibition view TRANSIT, curated by Ana Vujic, Voltage, Basel, 2021, Photos: Zlatko Micic / Lysann König


Video Installation, Loop

(Healing Animals – 42'', Meditation Beach – 34'', Pazifik – 82'')
3 ipads, 3 Headphones, Strap Band



The videos are part of a search for the representation of nature in digital space. Often the representation of nature serves to shape digital spaces, it is transmitted and becomes part of a digital construct, a kind of landscape in which we move.

If man-made nature is a landscape, is digitally represented nature also a landscape because it is created? Or is it always just an image? How is nature distorted by its representation in digital space? Where does it take place and how do we use the representation of nature in digital space? E.g. in video chat apps as background, as screensaver or as advertisements promising recreation. Is it quasi an ideal state? Is it meant to promise relaxation? How are our memories of nature stored, how are they reproduced in digital space and how do they then come back into „real“ space? What happens in this double transformation? How are sounds connected to these memories of nature? What do they trigger?
In my videos, I ask myself these questions and want to reflect the view of nature in today‘s world, as well as the search for relaxation, through digitally reproduced nature.