Survival of an Artist

music-video, 4:17min
in cooparation with Roland Bürki and Simon Sauerkraut



The Video „Survival of an Artist“, is an R‘n‘B-music-clip. I decided to write songs about the life of an artist and art in general, this is the first song I made.

The beat is from a usual site where you can buy beats from producers (here: Thaibeats). I bought a simple lease for this beat and recorded it together with Simon Sauerkraut, a Basel based producer and musician (f.e. Amixs).The Text is about the live as an artist and how hard it can be sometimes. You can lock at it both ways: serious and funny.

The video-concept is from me and Roland Bürki, filmed by Roland Bürki, edited by me and Roland Bürki. In the Video you see me posing in different outfits with objects from the 70s till 90s you maybe would find at your moms place but put in a new light they might seem more expensive then they are.


video-stils survival of an artist