tablecloth model „Chiara“ / „Michelle“ / „Lola“

PVC-Print, 90 x 90 cm / 120 x 120 cm

Edition of 10



tablecloth-clingers „floral&global“

different sizes and colors



The gardening-tablecloths are made out of PVC so you can put it in your garden or kitchen and you can clean it with water.
The prints are collages I made with photoshop. In the circle is always
the Flower and it is surrounded by things which are linked to the meaning of the flowers, f.e. buttercup is for ignorance, wealth & foreseeing. Peony is for love, bravery, as well es wealth and health. Freesia is for youth-fullness, innocence, love and happiness.

At the moment there are three different motives, but I am working on more. The tablecloths come with unique clingers made out of FIMO.


exhibition-view: "Blumen im Haus eines spanischen Psychiaters, Amerbachstudios Basel (CH), Fotos: Lysann König

tablecloth-glingers made out of FIMO, Foto: Lysann König

1 out of 3 motives, here: Freesia