DM // Fast Fashion

Video still Fast Fashion | Exhibition-view Mind the Gap, curated by Simone Flüeler & Eveline Schüpp, DOCK Archiv-& Kunstraum, Basel, 2020, Photos: Linus Weber


2-Channel video installation, 8‘21’’, loop
Monitor 4:3, Monitor 16:9, audio boxes, mirror foil Dimensions variable


This installation combines two videos and sound, which as a form of collage are a homage to the 90s and our remix culture.
The centre of the work is the sound. It is an 8‘21 minute piece cut together from cover versions of the song Stripped by Depeche Mode. 28 cover versions of this song are mixed and cut together one after the other to create a new piece. One of the videos is cut to sound, each line of sound has its own footage (found footage and filmed by me). Everything is mixed and cut in such a way as to visually stimulate a kind of trance state.
In the other video you see a poem that consists of the titles of various songs to which I have an emotional connection. Together, all these titles are like a new song, which is also a kind of self-portrait.
A poetic collection of titles woven into a new poem,

The windows are darkened with mirror film.