object, glas
32cm x 40cm x 20cm



The artist Chris Hunter, was invited to do an architectural art-project in a school (EMMK, Chur) and he asked some other artists to do something for the display case he planed as part of his work "Ahnung" (hunch, idea).
Invited artists by Chris Hunter: Sonja Feldmeier, Hans Peter Litscher, Florian Graf, Lysann König, Fränzi Madörin, Lutz Guggisberg.


So I made this „Gedanken-Setzkasten“ (seed-box for thoughts).
This glas-box is for putting thoughts in it. A cabinet, an interlaced box, which is transparent but at the same time it is not safe to say where a wall ends and where it starts. And which is also very fragile but a the same time a solid block.
I did sketches, measuring and a 1:1 model, and let it to by a professional glaziery.


Fotos: Lysann König

exhibition-view, EMMK Chur, 2018, Foto: Lysann König

exhibition-view, EMMK Chur, 2018, Foto: Lorenz Wiederkehr