Interactive audio-installation

wooden wall with light-sensors, computer, arduino, max MSP, speakers Lightbeam

With help from: Felix Stämpfli & Stephan Athanas



A sound-object which makes it possible to play just with the movement of your body or shadow music. On a wooden wall which is liten in the dark are 6 lightsensors. If the viewer goes inbetween the light and the sensors he/she will notice that on can change the sounds with the movement of the shadow. The lightsensitive sensors trigger different sounds and speed of sound and heights.

The interaction between body and technic is one of the main aspects of the work. Noiticing sounds and changing them with your movement.

watch on vimeo:


exhibition-view, "ON", Kunstraum Aarau (CH), 2011, Foto: Lysann König