Unter euch

Performance & 3-channel live-video-transmission

65 min

3 monitors, dvd-players, speakers, loop



Over one hour during the vernissage of the groupshow Kapitel 3: der Raum, I was underneath the floor of the exhibitionspace Kaskadenkondensator, which has a really speacial floor with a very small space underneath.

I installed 3 kameras in the space where I was and they had been connected to 3 monitors in the exhibition space. I also recorded this performance and showed it, like on the vernissage, over the 3 monitors.

You could see me crawling around in this little space collecting things I found, communicating with people above me in the space, showing things with the cameras from this special space.


video-stils, 3-channel-video

exhibition-view, Kapitel 3: der Raum, Kaskadenkondensator, 2011, Foto: Lysann König